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Power Supplies

I have a Small Desktop Power Supply, that I got Surplus at a Used Computer Store, for $1.00 ( I had Two, gave one to a friend, he is powering Arduino Projects with it.. ).

I was told it was used to power Rack Mounted Modems ( like are used at an Internet Service Provider (ISP) ). It seems capable of handling 10 Modems with each Modem limited to 1.8A of power draw ( using a similar PolySwitch®, U090 from RayChem ( RayChem PolySwitch® ) at 8.72 VDC. I found the Output is adjustable with a Board Mounted Potentiometer. I can change it from 8.31 VDC to 10.31 VDC. The 120VAC Fuse is a 2 Amp size, so the Max Wattage would be under 240..

It appears that if I use all 5 of the PolySwitchs ( PTCs ) on one 15 Pin Plug, in Parallel, I could get a Sustained 9Amps of Output. I might be able to run two Vex Robotics Cortexes at Full Power from this one supply. Or at least Half of their Max Power typically, with Surges to Full Power..

I just changed the Output to 8.45 VDC.

Power Supply Board: KM624-S
Output: 8.31 VDC to 10.31 VDC @ ?.?? Amps
Built by:
Y K Systems Inc
320 Shaw Rd
South San Francisco, CA 94080-6606

( CLICK Here Outside of Unit.... Full Size for BIGGER PICTURE )


( CLICK Here With Cover Removed.... Full Size for BIGGER PICTURE )


( CLICK Here Close-Ups, of PolySwitches, one per Output, 10 outputs.... Full Size for BIGGER PICTURE )


( CLICK Here Side View of Inside.... Full Size for BIGGER PICTURE )